Relevant Policies

In this part of the Site we set out a copy of the BDOG Plannning Statement to the PCNPA’s Development Management Officer (Mr Liam Jones), setting out  all the Planning Policies, which the members of the National Park planning committee (“the Development Management Committee“), in our view ought to have foremost in mind and take into consideration, when determining this current Application. Most important, and indeed predominant among their causes for concern, should be all the various ways in which the proposed development is inconsistent and in conflict with the Development Plan, most especially of course the provisions of the Local Development Plan (2010) which are set out herebelow.


LDP Policy 01 National Park Purposes and Duty (Strategy Policy)
LDP Policy 03 Newport (Strategy Policy)
LDP Policy 08 Special Qualities (Strategy Policy)
LDP Policy 09 Light Pollution
LDP Policy 11 Protection of Biodiversity
LDP Policy 12 Welsh Language
LDP Policy 15 Conservation of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park
LDP Policy 29 Sustainable Design (Strategy Policy)
LDP Policy 30 Amenity & Policy 32 Surface Water Drainage
LDP Policy 45 Affordable Housing
LDP Policy 52 Sustainable Transport (Strategy Policy)
LDP Policy 53 Impacts on Traffic


Stop the largest development in Newport for decades