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Whilst responsibility for the administration and management of, as it were, day-to-day local planning matters is naturally left with the Local Planning  Authorities (LPA), based mainly around local authority councils ; the overall supervision and control of the operation of the development control system, throughout the whole of Wales, remains vested with the Welsh Government (WG).

This includes the duty to ensure that LPAs deal with all planning applications that come before them, including individual applications, correctly and according to law. For example, powers are given to the Welsh  (Planning) Minister  (Carl Sargeant see below) under s.77 of the Town and Country Planning Act, 1990, when he considers that a particular planning application is not suitable for the determination by an LPA, or has been handled incorrectly by them, to “Call-in”  the said application and appoint a W AG Planning Inspector to decide the application instead. The WAG advice document about when and how to sek a “call-in” is available by clicking here, however, in it they make plain that

“A request can be made at any time before the local planning authority issues its
decision notice. The later the request is made in the planning application process,
however, the less time there is for the Welsh Ministers to consider it”


At the present time, we are as yet to see, the PCNPA’s Development Management Officer’s (Mr Liam Jones) Report on this application,  and in particular his recommendations concerning it and how they should respond to it. We, of course, very strongly maintain that the proposal for, among other matters, as many as “35 units” of new dwelling accommodation is utterly inconsistent and incompatible with the figure of “12 dwellings” currently cited at Appendix 2 to the (2010) Local Development Plan. Thus, we say this application is for a development proposal which is manifestly “a departure” from the Development Plan, and should be treated accordingly. We are disappointed to put it mildly that the Site Notices do not thus far so identify this application. We wait to see what Mr  Jones’s final appraisal is.

However, we would say that the sooner outraged local objectors start writing to the Welsh Assembly  Government Minister  most concerned (see below), both directly and/or through their chosen AM (see here), about their concerns with respect how this incocnsistent and internally conflict LDP housing allocation came about, if not as yet a call for a “Call-in” of the Application itself (let’s first give the Park’s the opportunity  to do the ‘right’ thing), then all the better for ensuring that the WAG takes its supervisory and ministerial role all the more seriously in this instance.

Minister for Natural Resources   :  Carl Sargeant AM

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