In this section of the site we will keep a record of
(a) the letters which we as a Group write in objection to decision-makers and the media, and
(b) copies of letters to decision-makers, we recieve from fellow objectors which they don’t mind sharing with others, and
(c) any letters in support which we received from fellow objectors.
in hopes that their content might inspire or suggest matters to you, which you might wish to raise in lobbying decision-makers by yourself, whether by email or letter, or in person !

In terms of a closing date for writing to the National Park’s themselves, their acknowledgement of receipt letters state as follows

“No further correspondence in respect of this application will be accepted from 10 AM (or the first post) three working days prior to the next meet”

Which in terms of the next Development Management Committe meeting translates to Fri. 3rd July, 2015.

Get writing !
We will be very happy to put up copies of objector’s letters if you’d like that on the site. As a matter of policy we will remove all contact details (address, telephone number, emails) but retain the writer’s name, so that we can conduct a free & open debate through the pages of this site.

Stop the largest development in Newport for decades