National Parks to Objectors Advising of Amended Plans (11 Aug 2015)


Ms S Bayes,
for Newport Area Environment Group

Dear Sir/Madam

Town & Country Planning Act 1990 (As Amended)

Application No: NP/15/0194/FUL
Proposal: Residential development of 35 dwellings (including 14 affordable units) incorporating open space & new access points of Feidr Eglwys and Feidr Bentinck
Location: Land off Feidr Eglwys, Newport, Pembrokeshire
Case Officer: Caroline Bowen

I refer to the above application which is currently being considered by the Authority.

The Authority has recently received amended plans from the applicant. These plans and documents can be viewed on line at by following the ‘Planning’ and ‘Major Applications’ links and selecting the relevant application number from the link to the left of the page.

Any representations you may wish to make concerning the revised plans should be forwarded to me within 14 days of the date of this letter (by 25-Aug-2015). Please restrict any comments to the new details only as any original responses will remain to be considered. Please note that we are unable to provide a response to any individual points or questions that you raise in your representation although these will be taken into account by the Case Officer in making a recommendation on the application.

If you wish to discuss this matter further, or require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our Planning Support Team on the above number.

Yours faithfully,
Liam Jones
Head of Development Management

Stop the largest development in Newport for decades